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Ink Zone Control SIMICS

  • SIMICS is meant for not only enhancing the color quality but for achieving 30 to 40% savings in make ready waste and assured 8 to 10 % of running print waste.
  • SIMICS is a fully featured Motorized Ink Zone Control System suitable for any web or sheet-fed press including Newspaper press.
  • Through the existing digital workflow, the digital preset provides necessary data for presetting the ink fountain keys and then SIMICS lets your operator adjust and store the ink setting in precise 1% increment at a touch of a button.
  • SIMICS is with the unique segmented blades and it extends superior control without the leaking, binding and other maintenance problem typically connected with the sliding keys.
  • SIMICS’ color monitor shows you a color status of all units at a glance.
  • SIMICS’ modular design is more reliable and simpler to service and replacing its motor or even the cards is very easy and accessible.
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